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Crisalis Promise

Crisalis-- understands that we, like our clients, must operate in two worlds: a world of operational efficiency that

Honesty -- We tell you everything we know and everything we can learn that's relevant to your problem. Anyything that would be relevant, but we don't know -- we tell you that too.

Clarity-- clear objectives of our tasks, clear expectations, clear outcome measures

Expertise and capabilities: If our expertise and capabilities are insufficient to best meet your needs, we say so, and when possible identify for you those who we believe do have such expertise and capabilities.

Speed: Projects undertaken, monitored and managed for rapid, unimpeded progress. All delays and obstacles quickly noted, communicated and addressed to the best of our abilities.

Communication: every client call returned within one business day. 90% of client calls returned within 90 minutes.

Value: Crisalis aims to undertake your most important problems and deliver value that exceeds yo ur cost by a factor of 100; all payment returned for any work that fails to produce a value:cost ratio of at least 10:1

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