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sf bio outline

1. Organizational resilience
     a. Pioneering research
     b. teaching at elite universities
2. Creativity and innovation
     a. educational and experiential background
     b. teaching at elite universities
3. looking at both sides of the coin how to prepare for
4. broad educational background
     a. helps to understand emerging crises
     b. see leverage points
     c. understand the skills etc. that allow one to survive and thrive.
          i. Individual
          ii. Organizational
          iii. Community

5. not just academic, real world focus
     a. work for several years before each university degree
     b. all levels
          i. grunt
     c. many capacities
          i. founder
          ii. line / staff
          iii. manager
          iv. consultant
     d. many types
          i. governmental
          ii. corporate
          iii. entrepreneurial
          iv. nonprofit
6. new focus for 2013
     a. shelving other interests to focus on Crisalis
     b. limiting scholarly activities to serve Crisalis clients

scholarship/University interests in service of clients, rather than vice versa